2014 Weddings: A Nostalgic Return to Simplicity


Every year brings millions of weddings in the United States. In 2012 alone, there were more than two million ceremonies, according to CNN.com. Couples spend thousands of dollars on the most beautiful wedding places, elegant centerpieces, fashion-forward attire, and a host of other wedding expenses. This year will be no different, and the latest wedding trends are showing that weddings are returning to a natural, rustic feel, laced with a touch of glam. Here are a few 2014 wedding trends you will want to add to your list of possible “to do’s.”

Woodland Wedding

Centerpieces are returning to nature. Brides are opting to have branches, contoured twigs, and rustic floral accents on tables, with a hint of silver or crystal to embellish. Some couples have created corked bottles with moss terrariums inside as wedding favors. You might see a bride wearing a veil connected to her hair by a part floral, part twig headband. This year’s veil orders are pointing toward floral patterns, and simple lace designs. Outdoor wedding locales and rustic spots to have a wedding reception, like a park or even a wooded backyard, are all part of the woodland theme.

Peonies Galore 

Instead of weaving together a match of wildflowers and traditional white ones, this year, brides have moved toward the many-petaled tree peony for decorations, and even for their bouquets. These flowers typically come in nine different structures, one of the largest being the crown form. They offer a full, round shape that adds an organic round shape to any table, and abundance to a bouquet. Tree peonies come in several different colors, the most popular being subtle shades of pink, peach and blush for weddings in 2014. Beautiful wedding places can reach a new level of class and charm with droves of peonies surrounding the venue.

Ixnay the Smartphone 

With weddings turning toward a natural theme, couples are going “unplugged.” That means no phones are allowed at the wedding, and some couples are confiscating phones at the entrance to prevent hundreds of hashtags, Instagram pictures, Tweets, and Facebook posts. This is an effort to keep guests engaged with the wedding, interacting with their guests, and savoring the evening’s program without worrying about who posted what, where. It might seem a bit extreme, but the idea is that there is no room for the internet in woodsy, outdoorsy, unique wedding places.

Other trends include using flower garlands for decorations, candles instead of bright lights for mood, and supremely romantic wedding places that offer a natural, serene setting for all guests.

As always, the whole day or evening is about you and your soon-to-be spouse, and creating the most memorable night of your life. All the toiling and decision-making over the most beautiful wedding places, the right dress, and the perfect colors will ultimately be worth the effort, and helps you set the tone for the rest of your lives together.

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