The Dos and Don’ts of Golfing Etiquette

golf course

Golfing is one of the most popular pastimes for adults in the United States. It also is a great way to enjoy exercising, socializing, and enjoying the weather. Whenever visiting a public or private golf course, it’s important to use proper golf etiquette to show respect for other golfers and get respect from them. If you are new to golfing or need a refresher on golf etiquette, here are some of the more important dos and don’ts while playing a round of golf.

Do Wait for Golfers to Exit the Green

A golf course can be a very busy place, especially on a sunny summer day. According to Leader Publications, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. is the busiest time for golf courses. When you are at the tees, you need to wait for any golfers playing ahead of you to exit the green after finishing the hole. Waiting makes it safe for them on the shorter holes and helps maintain a consistent playing pace for all golfers on the course.

Don’t Slow Down Other Golfers

You might be a great golfer, or you might be just learning the game. No matter what your skill level might be, it’s important to ensure you aren’t slowing down any players behind you. If you notice a group is waiting for you to complete a hole, you should offer to let the group play through on the next hole. Doing so enables them to continue playing at a quicker pace than your group and doesn’t slow you down.

Do Fix Your Divots and Ball Marks

Whenever you take a chunk of turf after striking the ball, you should pick it up and place it in the divot. You might use a golf tee to put some holes in the patch of dirt and grass to aerate it and promote faster healing. It’s also important to fix any ball marks you create with your drives and approach shots by using a tee or a special tool that helps you push up the mark to keep the surface as level as possible.

Don’t Be Loud and Obnoxious

No one wants to play golf around a loud and obnoxious group. Golfers need to concentrate to play their best, and that’s very hard to do when someone is yelling, playing loud music, or acting obnoxiously. Such behavior might earn a ban from returning to the course.

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