Want an Outdoor Wedding? Check Out Country Clubs

Your wedding day might arguably be one of the most important days of your life. You get to make a public commitment in front of those you care about to the person you love. So, of course, you want every last detail to be perfect. Whether you’re hosting a family brunch before the wedding or looking for unique wedding places for your reception, every element matters. Outdoor wedding places have been especially popular in recent years and country clubs can be an excellent place to host a wedding. The often beautiful landscapes of the club can check the box for outdoor wedding places, while country club facilities can handle the reception with ease. Indeed, many country clubs across the country are listed as top places to have a wedding reception!

The Popularity of Outdoor Wedding Places 

Hudson Valley Weddings reports that around 35% of weddings are now outdoor affairs. More and more couples have been attracted to gorgeous backdrops and “natural” settings. And in our age of social media, wedding pictures (and the overall aesthetic) seems to matter more these days. An outdoor setting allows the wedding photographer to move around with more ease (and be relatively less noticed).

Practically speaking, you don’t need to decorate as much for an outdoor venue (saving time, stress, and money), and if you’re having a large wedding, it can be better for fitting more guests in. Having an outdoor wedding also means you can really add your own special touches to the decorations you do choose to have — think of it as more of a blank canvas! There’s no existing architecture or decorations (other than what nature provides), so you can arrange as you see fit.

Why Choose a Country Club as My Reception Venue? 

All told, couples will spend an average of $28,385 just on their wedding ceremony and reception. A country club can offer both a lavish and elegant setting for a wedding, while still offering plenty of perks for the price. As mentioned above, a country club is an ideal venue if you’re looking at outdoor wedding places, given the beautiful natural grounds that most country clubs cultivate. And, country club facilities can offer a great Plan B if the weather turns out to be inclement (which is one of the biggest worries/stressors when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding).

Country clubs are also used to hosting big, sophisticated events. Many offer all-inclusive food and beverage options and so couples won’t worry about having to source catering or bar staff. They can simply sit down and look at pre-designed menus. Most places will also offer the option to customize some of these menus or bar services as well, so couples shouldn’t be worried that they’re locked into just those options.

And having your wedding at a country club also means that there’s less shuffling back and forth. It’s likely that the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception will all be at the country club, so guests can stay in one place. And everything the bride (or groom) needs is in one area, so if something’s forgotten, the mad dash back to the room is much shorter!

What Else Should I Consider With a Venue? 

Some country clubs might offer a wedding package, which you should go through carefully and see what’s included. For example, you might be asked to bring in your own DJ and flowers or other decorations. You should ask who’s in charge of setting up and breaking down the event, and if they offer rental services for things that aren’t included (like linens, chairs, tables, and so forth).

You should also keep in mind that tax and gratuity are often not included in the quote or estimate, so be sure to add that on when you’re calculating for your budget. You don’t want to be surprised later on!

Consider getting married at a country club! It can provide the perfect venue for your wedding, decreasing stress, centralizing events, and providing a gorgeous setting to say your vows.