Why You Should Consider Brunch for Your Next Fundraiser


Are you looking for a unique fundraising event that stands out from traditional evening-hour events? You should consider a brunch fundraiser! Fundraisers depend completely on getting people to attend, and brunch may be just the thing you need to boost attendance, while also being easier on your guests and your budget. Learn why brunch is a great option for fundraisers.

It’s the Perfect Time of Day

Brunch events are typically held between 11 am-2 pm, and on a Sunday. This can be the perfect time of day to get donors to come and support the fundraiser. People are less likely to have involved plans on Sunday. Also, the time of day is perfect for those who go to church or have evening events because brunch is easy to squeeze between other plans. Additionally, a Sunday brunch does not interfere with getting ready for the work week because it ends in the early afternoon.

It’s A Casual Affair

A delicious brunch is a lovely casual meal that will have your guests relaxed and open to gifting to the cause. A brunch fundraiser can take some of the stress off of your guests because things like finding something to wear or worrying about transportation are easier to do for a casual, afternoon event. Evening fundraisers are more formal affairs that require more effort for you and your guests while brunch is worry-free fun.

It’s a Cornucopia of Delicious Foods

According to MentalFloss, brunch got its start in England, and took about 30 years for Americans to realize it was a great idea. Brunch a combination of breakfast and lunch is a midday meal that can have options on the menu from both breakfast and lunch. Some brunch-time favorites include eggs benedict, quiche, sausage, waffles, pastries, and more. Think of it as breakfast with a boost. This also means there are a wide array of options for those with dietary restrictions without compromising the theme.

It’s Easier on the People in Charge of the Fundraiser

A Sunday casual meal is easier to arrange than a nighttime formal affair. Working with a venue that has experience in brunch for charities can make the process even easier. There is also the benefit of cost. A bruncheon can cost significantly less than an evening meal.

Work with a venue that has great fundraising options for your organization to make your fundraiser a success. Call your local venue today to learn more about brunch events and other fundraising options for your organization.