Here’s Why You Should Host Your Corporate Event at a Golf Club

Are you looking for the perfect event venue for your next corporate celebration? Why not consider a golf club? Premier golf clubs include state-of-the-art event facilities for a variety of event types. If you want to make your company stand out and entertain your guests, add a golf club to your regular event venue.


There’s nothing like being around nature. According to Psychology Today, being in nature produces a sense of wellness and happiness. Guests arriving at a beautifully kept golf club will give them an experience they will never forget. Whether you are holding a business meeting, anniversary party, awards banquet, or charity fundraiser, a golf club’s full-service event venue is the perfect location.


Event venues at a golf club are specifically crafted to hold large amounts of people. At Deerfield, our event facilities can hold up to 500 people in our ballroom. Whether you have a small or large business, this type of space is perfect for your corporate event. If you are holding a charity fundraiser and inviting more people than you employ, you need to ensure the space holds them. Our 10,000-square-foot ballroom is the perfect solution.


Food shouldn’t be a problem at a typical golf club. When you find one used to hosting events of various sizes, they often have a catering staff that can benefit you. Some may offer simple fare from sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres, whereas others may have several course meals.

Bonding Time

Sitting at a ballroom table can be enjoyable with the right people. Depending on the event type you are holding, you may opt for our ballroom or our golf course. Golf outings are perfect outlets for team-building events. The good times and memories made on the course are some that your employees will never forget. The chance of two holes in one in a single round is approximately 67 million to 1, but imagine the excitement at your event if someone achieved this. Your corporate event would be a memorable one that people would make more of an effort to attend when at a fun golf club.

There are many reasons to host a corporate event. You may be hosting a conference or planning a holiday party as the winter season approaches. Whether you want to impress a potential client or bond with fellow staff, having a corporate event at a golf club can impress many people. Contact our event venue today for more information!

4 Events That Can Take Place at a Golf Club

There are a number of golf club events that just make sense. From weddings to parties and fundraisers, if you’re looking for a place to host your event, don’t forget to consider your local golf club. According to The Frisky, the average budget for a wedding ceremony and reception is estimated to be $28,385. With the financial investment you’re making to host a big event, you want to make sure that the location is up to par! Here are four events that can take place at a golf club.

1. Weddings

Weddings are a popular golf club event during the summer months. Even if you or your guests aren’t golf enthusiasts, there’s just something so special about hosting a wedding with a golf course as the backdrop. Choosing the right venue is an important choice. Many people think the event location is as important a decision as the bride’s dress and finding the right photographer. If you want to enjoy your big day, be sure to choose a venue that has a lot of experience with hosting formal events.

2. Corporate Events

There are many great reasons to host an annual corporate event. One of them is to foster camaraderie and encourage team building. If you’re looking for an opportunity to host a corporate event, your local golf club should be at the top of the list.

3. Anniversary Parties

Any celebratory event is more fun when it’s held at a beautiful location. Wedding anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and family reunions are just a few of the types of parties that are perfect for a golf club locale.

4. Galas/Charities

Hosting fundraising galas and other charity events can take a lot of preparation and planning. Fortunately, when you choose to host your event at a local golf club you’re starting out ahead of the game. Golf clubs have a lot of experience with hosting an array of events. They’ll help you determine the right room for your function and assist you with many other details.

These were some events that can take place at a golf club.  Golf club events are perfect for any occasion. From casual family gatherings to wedding celebrations, you’re sure to impress your guests. There will even be event staff who will be with you throughout the entire planning process to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Why You Should Consider Brunch for Your Next Fundraiser

Are you looking for a unique fundraising event that stands out from traditional evening-hour events? You should consider a brunch fundraiser! Fundraisers depend completely on getting people to attend, and brunch may be just the thing you need to boost attendance, while also being easier on your guests and your budget. Learn why brunch is a great option for fundraisers.

It’s the Perfect Time of Day

Brunch events are typically held between 11 am-2 pm, and on a Sunday. This can be the perfect time of day to get donors to come and support the fundraiser. People are less likely to have involved plans on Sunday. Also, the time of day is perfect for those who go to church or have evening events because brunch is easy to squeeze between other plans. Additionally, a Sunday brunch does not interfere with getting ready for the work week because it ends in the early afternoon.

It’s A Casual Affair

A delicious brunch is a lovely casual meal that will have your guests relaxed and open to gifting to the cause. A brunch fundraiser can take some of the stress off of your guests because things like finding something to wear or worrying about transportation are easier to do for a casual, afternoon event. Evening fundraisers are more formal affairs that require more effort for you and your guests while brunch is worry-free fun.

It’s a Cornucopia of Delicious Foods

According to MentalFloss, brunch got its start in England, and took about 30 years for Americans to realize it was a great idea. Brunch a combination of breakfast and lunch is a midday meal that can have options on the menu from both breakfast and lunch. Some brunch-time favorites include eggs benedict, quiche, sausage, waffles, pastries, and more. Think of it as breakfast with a boost. This also means there are a wide array of options for those with dietary restrictions without compromising the theme.

It’s Easier on the People in Charge of the Fundraiser

A Sunday casual meal is easier to arrange than a nighttime formal affair. Working with a venue that has experience in brunch for charities can make the process even easier. There is also the benefit of cost. A bruncheon can cost significantly less than an evening meal.

Work with a venue that has great fundraising options for your organization to make your fundraiser a success. Call your local venue today to learn more about brunch events and other fundraising options for your organization.

What Are Some Common Types of Golf Tournaments?

Whether you’re a first-timer or a tournament veteran, it’s important to understand the different types of tournaments. Each serves its own purpose and offers a fun experience for all golfers. Here are some common golf events.

Match Play

Match play is best known for a hole-by-hole competition where the golfer who scores best on the individual hole, wins that hole. Instead of going by an entire round basis, you are facing your opponent head-on with this type of tournament. Match play splits the entire tournament field into two teams. Each match features a one-on-one competition where each player squares off with only one other, battling it out to win a point for their team. How the gameplay works is that each hole is worth one point. The lower gross/net score per hole wins that player a point and ties are worth no points. The person with the most points at the end of the round wins.

Best Ball

Best Ball is a team format that can be played with two, three or four-person teams. Golfers play their own ball and card their own individual score for each hole. Then, the team records the best gross score from amongst the team members to be used as the “team score” for that hole. With larger teams of 3 or 4 golfers, you can play 2 Best Balls format, where you take the top two scores from the team members after each hole as the team score.


Scramble tournaments involve teams of 2, 3, or 4 golfers. In a Scramble tournament, each team member tees off on every hole. After the initial tee shots, the team selects the best shot out of their teammates and then each team member plays their next shot from that spot. This continues throughout the rest of the shots on the hole including putting.

These are just a few of the common types of tournaments that can be played for your golf events. For a beautiful golf course to play on, give us a call today. Check out our list of golf events.

A Great Sentimental Gift Option for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming faster than you know it, and nothing makes a great gift quite like delicious food surrounded by family. Deerfield’s annual Mother’s Day Sunday Brunch is on Sunday, May 8, and will be filled with plenty of fantastic food options. If you are looking for some family time your loved one will enjoy, make a reservation with Deerfield today. Here are some reasons why a Mother’s Day Brunch makes a great gift!

She Gets to Rest

There are many reasons why brunch is so popular on Mother’s Day. The most significant reason is that moms are always taken for granted. They are always behind the scenes cooking, cleaning, making our lives much easier, and filling them with love. When you’re at our brunch, the food is taken care of and there are no dishes to clean. Mother’s Day is the one day when she doesn’t have to do anything. It is a great way for her to kick back her feet and relax.

Brunches Are Luxurious

Back in the 1900s, brunch was really only a special event for royalty and the wealthy. In today’s age, brunch is a great option to spoil yourself with many food options that you love. Brunch gives us all a time to splurge on a plethora of foods and enjoy a long meal with our loved ones. Help make your mother or loved one like the royalty they are by taking them to our Mother’s Day Brunch. Our brunch includes a large array of breakfast foods, seafood options, soup and salads, freshly-cooked meat entrees, and decadent desserts.

Spend Time Together

Gifts are always great, but what most mother’s really want is to spend quality time with their family. Brunch is the perfect time to spend with each other and honor your mother for all that they have done for you and the family. No material gift can compare to precious time spent with one another.

Our Mother’s Day Brunch is a wonderful option to enjoy delicious food and celebrate your mother or loved one. For more information on our Mother’s day brunch, contact us today.

What To Look for in an Event Venue

Choosing the perfect venue for your special event is no easy task, and there are a lot of factors to consider. No matter what your event is whether that be a wedding, a birthday party, a baby shower, etc., there are some things to look for when deciding on an event venue. Here are some tips for what to look for when choosing a location for your next event.

Guest Count

If you have a good estimate of the number of guests that will be attending, you are ready to determine what kind of space you will need in your event venue. From party spaces for more intimate private events to banquet centers for large corporate functions, you’ll need to ask your venue what its max capacity is. Additionally, check what the parking situation is like. Will they have adequate parking for your event needs?

Food Options

Events usually serve food so once you decide if you need catering or you are doing your own food, make sure the event venue has accommodations ready. If the event is doing the foodservice, make sure to try it first as well.

Nearby Accommodations

If you are hosting a huge event that will have people from out of town, it is important to choose a venue that has overnight accommodations nearby. For those out-of-town guests, the ability to stay overnight in comfort could be a crucial deciding factor if they can attend the event. You can do your own research or ask the event venue what locations are nearby and if they have any partnerships with them.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a venue is cost-efficiency. Make sure the venue offers price flexibility such as pricing tiers or packages. Your venue should reflect the event itself and your guest’s interests. For more information on a wonderful event venue, contact us at Deerfield. Deerfield is Delaware’s premier wedding, banquet, meeting and special events facility, located on the picturesque grounds bordering White Clay Creek State Park.

Finding The Perfect Venues For Your Next Event

Looking for event venues is paramount when organizing an upcoming event. An event venue can make or break an event because it is necessary for setting the event’s ambiance. But how do you choose a suitable venue for your event? The following are five factors to consider when renting event space.

1. Cost

Cost is a major factor that must be considered when looking for event venues to rent. Depending on the size, location, and event being hosted, the cost could range from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars. For instance, the average wedding ceremony and reception budget is $28,385. Be sure to select an affordable event space that fits your budget.

2. Location

Location is another significant factor you should factor in when looking for rental event spaces. The location of your event can affect who attends it. An event organized in an undesirable area will likely be attended by fewer people, same as an event organized in a faraway place that needs transportation to reach. The venue you select for your event should be easily accessible and desirable if you want all your guests and staff to attend.

3. Size and Capacity

Every event space has a specified size and capacity. While some are large and can accommodate huge crowds, others are smaller and have limited capacity. It would help to determine the number of guests, staff, and items before selecting event venues on your shortlist. The venue you settle for should be capacious enough to accommodate all your guests and event needs.

4. Amenities

Amenities must also be examined when looking for a rental event space. At the minimum, a suitable event venue should provide adequate tables and chairs, audio and video systems, and a kitchen. Additionally, Wi-Fi and special amenities for disabled people are a huge plus to an event venue. Choose a venue that provides amenities corresponding to your event’s needs.

5. Layout

Lastly, space layout must also be considered when looking for event venues. That’s because the venue’s layout will affect arrangement, traffic flow, and mingling. A good event space should have a stage, emergency exits, and adequate space. The layout should align with the event’s theme and activities.

Looking for event venues doesn’t have to be daunting. Considering these factors will help you get the right venue for your event. Contact event venues near you to rent space for your upcoming event.

Choosing a Country Club for Your Event

event spaceEvent planning can be a great time or a stressful one. One major part of event planning is choosing the venue. Country clubs are a great event space for many events, including weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. Country clubs provide an array of spaces for events, including indoor and outdoor. Here’s how to choose the right one.

The Country Club Needs to Be Versatile

When looking for an event space, the location must provide different types of indoor and outdoor areas. The country club should offer intimate, small dining rooms for a family or intimate dinner with friends. Meeting or conference rooms should be offered for companies hosting a working lunch or business dinner for potential clients. Grand ballrooms are offered for a picturesque wedding or an awards gala. These rooms hold up to 500 people at a time.

A Great Place to Have Lunch and Dinner

A great country club is not just great for planning events, but for having a great meal. Having a public restaurant is a great gateway for people to see the place as an event space for special occasions. The public is able to see the decor, observe the architecture, and taste the menu as well.

A Wonderful Place for Outdoor Events

A great event space offers outdoor venues with amazing light, decorations, and ambiance. According to Hudson Valley Wedding’s sources, 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions. The outdoor area can be used with natural sunlight for your wedding. If a company is having a cocktail reception, look for coach lights and a lighted water fountain. These distinct amenities create a wonderful outdoor event for the hosts and guests.

Looking for a Country Club in Newark, Delaware

When looking for an event space, make sure they have experience in serving the public. The idea is to find a venue that has staff ready, willing, and able to organize all aspects of the event. It’s imperative that the event space provides access to the menu, linens, and accessories for a spectacular event. Make sure the country club provides scenic and picturesque views of local state parks.

The country club offers the best options for special occasions of all sizes, especially in outdoor areas. Take time to visit a country club’s restaurant to get a nice layout of the event space, or just ask for a tour of the facility.

7 Reasons Public Golf Courses Make Good Corporate Events

Planning a successful corporate event can be a daunting task. It may become overwhelming for you as an events planner with hundreds of moving pieces that need to work seamlessly during the planning and execution stage. A critical piece of the puzzle is picking out a suitable corporate events space.

A Golf Country Club for Your Next Business Event

The venue you pick may have a considerable impact in shaping out your attendees’ experiences. It can make the difference between an active engagement and uncomfortable delegates with their eyes on the door. Public golf courses offer more than a good time out in the green. Your company may also access excellent conference facilities with dedicated staff for your event.

Here are seven reasons why you should pick out a Delaware public golf course as your next corporate event space.

1. Versatile Corporate Event Spaces

Public golf courses often have various executive conference rooms and ballrooms that you can hire out to carry your training or team building sessions. You may need to determine the number of guests that will attend the event. The golf management team can then make a reservation for a meeting room that fits your needs. Most country clubs have break rooms and network stations that you use for your charity fundraisers.

2. Breathtaking, Relaxing Scenery for Your Breaks

Choosing a public golf course for your corporate event space can provide a much-needed break from the conventional boardroom meetings. Your guests can relax overlooking the lush green landscape of the 18-hole golf course. It may also present an excellent chance to organize a charity tournament where participants can relax as they play golf. Again, people remember events that take place in beautiful spaces, so you want to give them something they’ll never forget.

3. Food and Drinks Accommodation

Most country clubs have an in-house catering team with a lead chef that will prepare any meals you may wish to have after your business meetings. The tasty cuisines and drinks will appeal to the taste buds of your attendees and serve as perfect ice breakers for networking. You can discuss with the events manager at the golf club the costs of food and beverages.

4. Accessibility and Ample Parking Spaces

Golf courses are often conveniently located off major transportation networks, including highways, rail, and airports. Accessibility to the corporate event space can help increase your attendance percentages. Additionally, booking a conference room at the golf club can grant you access to dedicated parking that can help offset such miscellaneous costs.

5. Exclusive Corporate Event Space

Venue exclusivity for the day booked can allow you to brand and decorate the rooms to match your specific message for the event. The management team can work with you on the decorations that you wish to have at your conference.

6. Convenience

Planning for corporate retreats and events can be hectic. Hiring a public golf course can provide access to a team of expert event organizers that carry out such tasks daily. The experience of the events manager at the country club can help you identify errors or items that you may have missed.

7. Amenities

Golf courses are accustomed to catering to groups of all sizes, including providing a wide range of amenities, from food and beverage to meeting rooms. Most golf courses offer full-service on-site kitchens or will work with you in arranging appropriate off-site caterers. Some even have audio equipment available for use during your event’s presentation.

Finding a suitable corporate event space can be stressful. Public golf clubs present an excellent option with most tasks, including arrangement, decoration, catering, and after-clean-ups done for you. To make a reservation for your company retreat in Delaware, reach out to Deerfield Golf Club.

How to Pick the Perfect Venue for Your Corporate Events

Planning a successful corporate event is a daunting task, to say the least. There are countless choices to make for each aspect of the event. Your select venue is a critical piece of the puzzle. It will shape your attendees’ experience.

The ideal corporate events venue can be the difference between a successful networking experience and uncomfortable delegates with their eyes trained on the exit. With so much riding on the corporate event space, it’s not always easy to figure out where to start. Here are five factors to consider when picking the right venue so you can hit the ground running with the event planning.

1. Know What You Want

The first step to organizing successful corporate events is to clearly outline what you want and what the venue should provide. It means figuring out the dates you are looking for, the type of amenities you want, audio-visual equipment needed, and much more. Discussing the details of the event with the venue manager can help you get a clearer picture of all of the possible costs and fees.

2. Figure Out the Ideal Space and Layout

There’s nothing worse than feeling crammed into a space that is too small. Is there a capacity limit that can hinder your charity fundraisers? Keeping your estimated headcount in mind is key to finding the right corporate events space. If you need break rooms, networking stations, or a green room, check if the venue can accommodate your needs. If you are into outdoor spaces, you can check out your local country club. Be sure to ask if the deck and the lawn are available for use.

3. Calculate Your Budget

Next, you need to figure out your budget allocation for the venue. An excellent way to get started is to create a checklist of bare minimums for the amenities and services you need alongside their estimated costs. As a good rule of thumb, you may want to allocate as much as 20% of the corporate event’s budget here. Call some prospective venues for rates to get a good base number to refer to. Most golf clubs provide all-inclusive pricing for their services.

4. Location, Accessibility, and Parking

If attendees are traveling from far from the corporate retreats or commuting each day, you may want a venue that is easily accessible to transportation networks and hotels. Parking can be an expensive, unforeseen added cost for participants if on-site parking isn’t available. You may also book shuttle buses or a taxi service to facilitate transport to and from the event.

5. Food and Beverage Accommodations

Everyone loves treats at corporate events. Tasty foods and special drinks not only appeal to the senses but also serve as excellent conversation starters. Inquire if your favorite golf club can accommodate food and drinks as part of their event package. Decide if you want sit-down meals or a buffet-style. Most venues have restrictions on vendors allowed, and you may need to counter-check with their managers.

Figuring out the right venue for your corporate events comes down to asking the right questions. It also entails understanding your precise needs and how they should be handled. Take time to find spaces that will reflect your values and stick to your budget while providing excellent amenities for the attendees.