5/6/20 – Golf & Banquet Update At Deerfield

Deerfield is still open for golf only (one person per gas cart beginning Friday 5/8/20, DE residents only), with all in-person tours, events, weddings, brunches, parties, golf outings, meetings and banquets now postponed through Thursday June 11, 2020.  We are hopeful to reopen for events – even if somehow limited with guidelines not determined yet – on Friday June 12th.  Our sales team is working diligently with clients whose dates may have been impacted to resolve this evolving situation with the best solutions possible.

  • Deerfield is currently limited to Delaware Residents Only and one golfer per cart – no caddies are permitted.  You are also welcome to walk and carry or push your own cart.  All social distancing guidelines and expectations remain in effect.  There can be no accommodation for “same household” guests based on the Governor’s most recent modification.  Due to limited golf carts, carts are available on a first come first served basis and cannot be guaranteed.  We will do everything possible to make a golf cart available to you as quickly as possible, and have modified the tee sheet to help maximize cart availability.
  • You are still required to wear a mask during pro shop check-in, and wherever social distancing standards of 6+ feet cannot be maintained.  You are further required to maintain all appropriate 6+ feet of social distancing on the course at all times throughout the round.  Not adhering to these standards will lead to you being asked to leave the property.  We will be circulating team members roughly once per hour during prime time to assist guests who may need to be reminded or require assistance.
  • Deerfield is still accepting touchless payment with credit card or pre-paid only for golf, please (no cash)
  • Merchandise purchases essential for play is permitted (touchless credit card only) but the Pro Shop will be closed to unnecessary shopping among non-golfers
  • All social distancing standards must be followed in the Pro Shop (the floor is marked for your convenience) with ONE GUEST in the Pro Shop at a time.
  • The driving range and putting green are open (social distancing of 6+ feet always for safety)
  • Lessons will continue but only on an individual basis where all social distancing standards of 6+ feet are maintained.
  • Packaged snacks and soft drinks are available in the Pro Shop (no cash – just touchless credit card purchases, please).You are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages onto the property.As before, cups have been modified to reduce contact points – rakes and ball-washers are removed – no touching of flagsticks, please.
  • We will not be able to provide a pencil or a scorecard – we recommend printing one HERE or printing from our website prior to your round
  • You may call the Pro Shop with questions, but we strongly advise you access for the latest tee time availability and information or you may email us at

The Importance of Choosing the Right Facility for Your Next Big Event

public coursePlanning a big event can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. With the pressures of deadlines and all the different details to consider, it’s no surprise that most people get burned out over the course of the planning process. But thankfully if you choose the right venue, a lot of the stress of planning goes away. At the end of the day, your event is meant to be fun, so there’s no sense in giving yourself any unnecessary worries. By securing a fun, unique event venue you can rest assured in knowing that your guests will have an experience that they won’t soon forget. If you’re planning a big event, but you’re not sure where to host it, or how to find the right venue, then follow our simple guide below to get started. Lets’s begin.

Location, location, location

As with real estate, choosing the right location for your next event is a crucial step of the planning process. Not only should you choose a venue that can accommodate a large guest turnout, but you should also choose a place that has access to high quality food and fun activities such as golf on a public course.

Beautiful landscape and nature views also provide an additional element of interest for your guests. Choosing a location that offers a pristine, stimulating environment should also be considered as you search for the right venue. Of course, you will want to work with an experienced event venue that understands customer service. This means that communicating with the staff is free of misunderstandings. If you find that your discussions with a potential venue are not going smoothly, then it may be time to find one that values your business. A dependable, experienced event venue will also be happy to take your unique ideas into consideration so that you can create an event that matches your original vision.

Food and Activities

The importance of tasty, modern food choices is crucial to pulling off a successful event, regardless of the size or the purpose. Every event, from a family brunch to country club weddings benefit from a menu that is both delicious and diverse. While most people recognize the importance of choosing the right food for their event, many of them are lost when it comes time to make a decision. In this case, it can be helpful to look at data from surveys regarding food preferences. It turns out that most people have pretty specific tastes, especially when it comes to breakfast and brunch. During a survey taken in the year 2015, 67% of respondents stated that ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch items such as Asian-flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs, and coconut milk pancakes, were a “hot trend” for restaurant menus. When you consider the current landscape of food trends, it becomes clear how important it is to choose a venue that allows you to select the items that people want. By getting the food right, the rest of your event is sure to be a success.

While choosing the right food is important, you can not overlook the importance of offering fun activities for your guests. Offering your guests access to play golf on a public course is an excellent, unique activity that they can remember for years to come. What’s great about choosing a venue that gives you access to a public course is that it’s sure to separate your event from others. When guests have a unique experience on a premier golf course, even if they’re not experienced golfers, they are far more likely to remember your event as a fun, positive experience.

When you’re trying to book a party, the challenges and roadblocks can quickly pile up. While a lot of people let this stress them out, they don’t have to. When you enlist the help of a professional event venue that has years of experience, you can make the planning process much easier. If you’re looking for a fun, memorable venue with great food and public courses, then get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you make your next event one to remember for years to come.

3 Tips to Help You Prepare for an Upcoming Golf Tournament

golf tournamentGolf season will be ending in just a few months when the cold weather arrives, so it’s important to get all of the outdoor golfing in while you can. So if you have a golf tournament coming up, you should be sure to do your best. And while there is no magical secret to low scores and the chance of two holes in one are not great — about 67 million to one — there is plenty you can do to prepare in order to play your best. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you get ready for your upcoming tournament.

Know the course beforehand: One of the best things you can do for your tournament game is to actually play on the course beforehand. While many golf tournaments will be on courses you’re not familiar with, if you have the chance to play on the course, take it. This can be one of the benefits of being a member of a golf club because then you’ll be prepared to play in the tournament since you already know the golf course. But if you can’t play on the course ahead of time, try looking at Google Earth or other apps so you can at least familiarize yourself with the course a bit.

Take a few lessons: Even if you’ve been golfing your entire life, taking a lesson can only do you good. Lesson instructors can point out problems with your stance or swing that you may not realize otherwise. Additionally, if you do have any problems you’re aware of, lesson instructors can suggest fixes and help work through the problem. Overall, taking a lesson, whether it’s private or a group lesson, can be beneficial before an upcoming tournament.

Don’t focus on mid-range putts: When it comes to golf tournaments, it’s all about the short- and long-range distances. So it’s important to focus on practicing your short putts and hitting them in different ways to ensure you’re confident in your putting. And it’s equally as important to focus on long swings to practice speed and accuracy. Overall, make sure you’re practicing both short and long swings so you have your basis covered.

While golf tournaments can sometimes be high stakes, it’s important to remember to have fun. So relax and keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to have a great tournament.

Deerfield Events: Opening Week and Easter Buffet

18 hole golf courseWhen it comes to golf and dining in Delaware, there’s no better place than Deerfield. With an outstanding 18-hole golf course, a dream-come-true wedding venue, and some of the best brunch options in the United States, Deerfield has it all.

With spring finally here, it’s time to start thinking about upcoming events the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a new 18-hole golf course to try or somewhere to bring the family for Easter brunch, Deerfield has you covered.

Opening Week

It’s the time avid golfers wait for all year — opening week. All winter long, golf lovers have been taking golf courses, practicing their swing, and getting in shape for the season. Well, it’s finally here! Deerfield’s 18-hole golf course is a golfer’s dream come true. And to show their golf club members their appreciation, Deerfield is offering some amazing deals this opening week. Some of the deals include:

  • $5 all day pass (March 26th)
  • 9 holes for $9 (March 27th)
  • $80 all day pass for groups of four (March 28th)
  • Passholders bring a guest for free (Match 29th)
  • Juniors play free (March 30th)
  • Buy one round, get one round (March 31st)

Deerfield is kicking off the season with great deals for both passholders and the public, so be sure to grab your clubs and stop by. Who knows, you may even start off this season with your best golf game yet!

Easter Sunday Buffet

After brunch began in England, it took an entire 30 years to become popular in the United States. While we had to go without this beloved meal for so long, it’s finally a regular event in the states. And what better way to celebrate brunch than with the Easter Bunny? Easter is a time for family, food, and fun — and that’s just what Deerfield is offering families this year. The Easter Sunday Buffet will be taking place April 1, from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. Attendees can enjoy delicious food options, including:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, french toast, breads, pastries, breakfast burritos
Seafood: Snow crab legs, peel and eat shrimp, smoked salmon, oysters rockefeller, Deerfield’s famous lump crabcakes
Soups and Salads: Housemade caesar salad, chicken salad, white bean and roasted garlic escarole soup, mixed greens
Entrees: Pork tenderloin, cajun chicken, mesquite salmon, spring onion and heirloom tomato bruschetta
Carved Items: Wagyu NY strip steak, honey thyme glazed rack of lamb, glazed ham and pineapple stuffing

Little ones can meet the Easter Bunny, take pictures, and enjoy Easter activities. If you’re looking for an event that has something to offer the whole family, join us at Deerfield for a day of Easter fun.

How to Throw a Truly Memorable Party

book a partyWhether it’s your first time hosting or your hundredth, there is one thing for sure — when you book a party, you want it to go down in history. Parties are a chance to celebrate, to honor a person and their achievements, to create memories, and to punctuate our lives with joyous merrymaking that isn’t necessarily dependent on a holiday.

But party planning is a lot of work, and it can be taxing just putting together the basics, let alone going the extra mile. That is, after all, why party planning has its own industry and industry experts. But even if you do hire a party planner, you still need to make a lot of the decisions yourself. Here are some of the main considerations that will ensure a truly memorable celebration:

Pick an Amazing Venue

Party venues have a big impact on how the party actually goes, from playing a role in the “flow” of your guests to getting their attention. Make sure to take into consideration how many guests you are having and what their demographics are (will you be entertaining many children or elderly folk? Does everyone work in the same industry or not?). Of course, the venue should also be appropriate to the type of event you are having. For instance, 35% of Hudson Valley weddings were outdoor affairs, as is common with weddings in particular. Consider places like golf courses, country clubs, libraries, and notable office buildings as possible locations.

Theme It

One great way to get your guests into the party mood is by picking a fun theme and encouraging costumes. Themes open up worlds of possibilities and creativity for both you, the party host, and your guests. Use this as an opportunity to provide amazing party favors and creative appetizers and drinks. An added bonus is that your party and its documentation will be instantly recognizable.

Help People Document It

In this age of social media, you know that pictures and video of your event will be going up pretty much immediately after, if not during, the party itself. Set yourself up for success by providing photo booths, backdrops, and props for your guests. You can even invent a specific hashtag to help people find pictures of your party easily!

Thinking about how to book a party? Set yourself up for success by picking a great party venue and theme, and the night will be unforgettable!

Brunches With Santa Are Back! Remember To Make Reservations Before Its Too Late

Christmas table setting with festive decorations close up
Christmas table setting with festive decorations close up

Talk to the pros, and they’ll tell you that the odds of hitting two holes-in-one the next time you play golf are 67 million to one, against. Talk to the brunch pros, on the other hand, and they’ll tell you the odds of enjoying brunch are, well, pretty darn great.

That’s because in these politically charged times there are still a few things that can bring us together as a nation. And one of those things is a festive holiday brunch.

The Best Brunch Wilmington Delaware Has Ever Tasted…
We don’t just pride ourselves on having world class golf club events, we’re also proud to offer the best brunch in Wilmington DE that anyone has ever tasted; the brunch people of all ages drool thinking about all year long. And already we’re gearing up for one of our favorite annual traditions — Brunch With Santa Claus!

Brunch began in England, and sadly it took about 30 years for it to catch on here in the U.S. But once it caught on it quickly became a favorite tradition. Whether you like all-American breakfast classics like pancakes, omelettes, and bacon, or the ethnic-inspired breakfast fare that became a major trend on restaurant menus in 2015 (things like chorizo scrambled eggs or coconut milk flapjacks), brunch truly does have something for everyone.

Best of all, more and more golf associations like ours are now offering festive holiday brunches. New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving brunch, and brunches with Santa are a few family favorites, but we never miss an opportunity to host another festive holiday brunch.

Not only is it a perfect excuse to gather with your family and tuck into all your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert dishes; it’s also a fun family tradition. So if you’re looking to make new holiday memories and start a new Christmas tradition, then RSVP your seat at the table for a Brunch With Santa near you!

It feels good to be named as the best brunch in Wilmington Delaware, but it feels even better to be a part of our neighbor’s family traditions. Just remember, no matter where you live or which holidays you celebrate, these yuletide celebrations tend to get booked fast. So if you want to find a brunch restaurant for the holidays, make sure to get your reservation in as soon as you hear that first Christmas song play on the radio.

It’s Almost Time! Brunches With Santa Claus Are Back Christmas 2015

fruits and salads on the holiday table in the restaurant

The English language is notoriously hard to learn. Not only is the grammar nonsensical, but pronunciations are totally random. But there’s really one special trait that sets American English apart from the rest: we have more words, by far, than any other language.

Brunch. Christmas. Buffet. Santa Claus.

There might be happier words in the English language, but probably not very many. And when you combine them, the result is one of the most wonderful phrases of the year — Brunch With Santa Claus!

Yes, it’s almost that time of year, when two beloved American traditions are magically combined for one glorious event. On special Sundays in December, the all you can eat Sunday brunch buffet is combined with jolly old St. Nick, fused together with the magical adhesive properties of good ol’ fashioned American Holiday spirit. Moms and dads can indulge in the amazing buffet, while kids can indulge in the holiday excitement by meeting Santa.

Brunches were imported to the American cultural tradition from England almost 100 years ago, but it’s only in recent years that brunch has become a staple of American traditions. Brides now spend an average of $457 for morning after wedding brunch buffets. That’s not much compared to the average $28,385 wedding budget, but it is a lot for breakfast (even if you are getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the price of one). Meanwhile, Holiday brunches have become part of Easter, Mother’s Day, and even Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Coming Soon: Brunch With Santa Claus!

So this Christmas, discover the culinary magic of brunches with Santa. Combine your love of brunch with your love of the Christmas spirit. Treat yourself to all your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert items in one fantastic meal. Your whole family will love it, because the best Sunday brunch buffets have a little (or a lot) of something for everyone. Kids menu items feature all your young one’s favorites, while adults have been known to get lost at the dessert station on their way to the carved meat station.

And did we mention Santa Claus will be there? For Christmas 2015, come discover why Brunch with Santa is fast becoming an annual holiday tradition for Americans of all ages.

Four Things You Can Expect When You Have Brunch With Santa


The holidays are a time for family gatherings, events, and meals, and having brunch with Santa combines all three of them. These events usually coincide with a venue’s typical Sunday brunch buffet or are scheduled as a special holiday event. Though brunches with Santa may vary from venue to venue, here are a few things you can expect from the experience.

1. The Santa Experience
Since Santa, of course, will be attending the brunch, you can expect to get that quintessential visit with Santa experience. He’ll be there, decked out in his red suit ready to hand out candy and hear all about the kids’ Christmas wish lists. There are also usually pictures with Santa and any of his elves — if they aren’t too busy building toys of course.

2. A Holiday-Themed Atmosphere
Another thing you can expect from having brunch with Santa is a holiday-themed atmosphere. It’s not uncommon for the brunch venue to decorate for the holidays, complete with a tree, lights, and other festive decor. Brunch dishes and drinks might also have a holiday theme, and some venues play traditional Christmas music to complete the experience.

3. A Family-Friendly Buffet Menu
What’s probably most appealing about brunch to begin with is the menu, but for brunches with Santa you’ll be sure to find something for the whole family. Half breakfast, half lunch, brunches typically feature traditional breakfast dishes like eggs and bacon, but also have lunch favorites like hamburgers. Since these events are usually centered around the kids, you’ll find kid-friendly dishes like macaroni and cheese as well as items for the adults like raw seafood and cocktails.

4. To Give Back
The holidays are a time for giving, and not just to those you know. Another thing you can expect from having brunch with Santa is the opportunity to give back in the holiday spirit. Many brunch venues run some sort of drive for charity. In some cases it might be a toy drive to benefit a cause like Toys for Tots or a non-perishable food drive for a local food pantry.

Since these events usually take place on select Sundays in December, it’s worth calling ahead to the venue to make a reservation to ensure that your family gets a place at the table.