4 Tips for Golfing as a Couple

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The perfect date idea can sometimes seem elusive. However, many couples and relationship experts agree that a date involving some type of activity is often better than just going to dinner or even sitting for two hours watching a movie together. Golf is a great outdoor activity that could turn into a fun date event.

1. Be Respectful of Tee Time

You should always keep your eye on the clock when getting ready for a date, but tee times on golf courses are a little bit different than agreeing on a time to meet at a restaurant. Tee times must be honored on the golf course because there are other players coming in behind you. If your date is not familiar with golf, be sure to emphasize how important it is to get started on time.

2. Plan Tee Times Carefully

Since a golf date is a little different than a regular game, you want to make sure you’re planning your tee time when the course is not too busy. According to Leader Publications, a national news publisher, most golf courses are busiest between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Keep this in mind when planning the golf date and you’ll be able to play a laid-back, stress-free game while you get to know each other.

3. Navigate Details for a New Club

If you will be golfing at a club that is new to either of you, be sure to nail down all of the tricky details first. For instance, you should be aware of the dress code, tipping policies, and acceptable ways to pay for drinks, which can vary between private golf courses. If you will be using a public golf club, make sure you are checked in ahead of your tee time.

4. Don’t Be Competitive

It’s just a date, so there’s no need to unleash your golf champion. Even if you are very good at golf, a date is not the place to show off. Enjoy the time with the other person and get to know them. If you already know each other pretty well, then just enjoy spending time together. Praise good shots and offer advice sparingly. If you notice the advice is not being received well, then back off and let your date enjoy the game.

Going outdoors for an activity can be a great way to understand the personality of your date. Not only can you have a great conversation with them, but you’ll also know how they approach a challenging game like golf. If you are looking for a great golf club to bring your date to, look into a highly-rated golf club near you.