6 Reasons to Get Married at a Golf Course

Golf course greens

Selecting the ideal wedding venue is perfect for ensuring your wedding is memorable. A golf course is not a traditional wedding venue, but many golf courses are also country clubs. They have reception areas and event planners that can help ensure everything on your big day goes according to plan. Here are several reasons why you should consider one for your big day.

1. Beautiful Setting

Golf course greens are known for being meticulously maintained. When you opt to get married here, you can trust that the background will be heavenly. The gardens will be perfectly manicured. This makes it the perfect setting for your big day.

2. Wonderful Photos

Not only will the scene look beautiful on the day, but it will look breathtaking for years to come, thanks to the fantastic pictures. Golf course greens make a heavenly background. There are also little pavilions, trees, and other beautiful landscaping surrounding the course to ensure that you can take one fantastic picture after another.

3. Ample Space

Golf courses are used to cater to large numbers of people. You’ll have enough room to host a large wedding, especially if it’s an outdoor event. Brides will enjoy having ample space for flexible seating arrangements, and guests will appreciate having room to mingle.

4. Equipped Facilities

Golf courses are used to accommodate many people. You won’t have to worry about a line of people waiting to use the bathroom. Brides can enjoy an outdoor wedding without renting a porta-potty, too. Instead, golf courses will have plenty of tables, chairs, and bathroom space.

5. Privacy

Golf courses and country clubs understand the importance of privacy during a special event. They won’t double book event spaces, and brides won’t have to work around a corporate luncheon. Instead, you can enjoy your wedding being the intimate event it should be.

6. Recreational Fun

Couples that want a laid-back, intimate wedding can enjoy a few rounds of golf before or after the wedding. A day on the golf course greens can also replace a bachelor party. If you love the game, take the time to have fun at your wedding venue.

Golf courses became popular long before the 1900s. By 1900, there were over 1000 golf clubs nationwide. Now, golf clubs are used for various things. Some locations may have catering staff available or be able to recommend vendors to ensure you have everything you need. Contact us for more information today.