Golf Courses in Delaware — What You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Your Up and Coming Outing

party venues in DelawareLooking for great party venues in Delaware? Awesome! While it may not be widely known to many outside the area, Delaware is a beautiful place for virtually any sort of special event. It’s an ideal backdrop for meetings, weddings, banquets, social events, and more.

With state parks all over, party venues in Delaware enjoy an enviable amount of space and a backdrop that can’t be easily forgotten.

As spacious and as perfect a place as it is for enjoying the outdoors, Delaware plays host to a number of premier golf courses that are the envy of courses everywhere. Those looking for a unique place to play golf, or even learn to play golf for the first time would be hard-pressed to find a better backdrop for a game.

It’s strange to think how much time and money go into golf each year when you consider that a short hundred or so years ago in 1900, there were only an estimated 1,000 golf clubs in the country. If you think golf seems to be a quality associated with money or high class now, you should have seen the national perception of the sport in the early 1900’s.

It’s easy to see why and how golf got popular. While some joke about the presence of a golf cart, it is actually quite a physically intense and gratifying sport, and an effective exercise if engaged in fully.

A man weighing about 175 lbs. can be expected to burn almost 500 calories per golf outing if he’s carrying his own clubs. On a typical nine-hole course, a golfer might walk almost 2.5 miles. That’s quite a bit of exercise for any individual, especially someone who might be thought of as a taker of shortcuts, thanks to the stigma surrounding the use of motorized carts in the sport. A player may only have 14 clubs in their bag at one time, however, making the 500 calories per outing something of an “at most” estimate.