How to Instantly Take Two Strokes Off Your Game

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Lowering their respective handicap is something every golfer strives to do. Some basic steps can help most people shave two or more strokes from their scorecard and win bragging rights while enjoying some time at the 19th hole. Here are four ways to help you improve your score and gain those bragging rights.

1. Master Your Golf Clubs

You should try your best to make every club in your golf bag an asset to your game instead of dead weight in your bag. If you don’t use a golf club, you should learn how to use it effectively or swap it out for one you can use. According to Black Enterprise, golfers can have up to 14 clubs in their bags while playing a round. Make sure you use every club in each round you play. Each enables you to do something different, just as a driver and a putter enable you to do different things.

2. Correctly Address the Ball

You can’t use a golf club correctly if you don’t properly address the ball. The ball should be located where you can make solid contact with it and send it where you intend it to go. Placing the ball too far back will cause you to drive down onto it and knock it into the ground. Placing it too far forward will make it hook or slice and reduce your distance. A properly addressed ball will go straighter and farther than an improperly addressed ball.

3. Practice Your Swing

You also need to ensure your golf swing is natural and as perfect as possible to make the club and ball do what you intend. There are many types of golf swings, from driving to approach shots and putting. Approach shots have the greatest variation, so that’s where you should focus most of your practice time. Make sure you can swing out of the rough, make sand traps less intimidating, and clear trees and other obstacles that might get in the way of the green by practicing your long irons and drivers.

4. Practice Your Putting

Golf is all about putting for dough. The green is what makes or breaks a golfer because if you can’t sink the putt on one try, you add strokes to your score. A well-placed approach shot should give you a makeable putt, but you need to practice reading the green and giving the ball enough speed and accuracy to put it in the hole.

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