How to Throw a Truly Memorable Party

book a partyWhether it’s your first time hosting or your hundredth, there is one thing for sure — when you book a party, you want it to go down in history. Parties are a chance to celebrate, to honor a person and their achievements, to create memories, and to punctuate our lives with joyous merrymaking that isn’t necessarily dependent on a holiday.

But party planning is a lot of work, and it can be taxing just putting together the basics, let alone going the extra mile. That is, after all, why party planning has its own industry and industry experts. But even if you do hire a party planner, you still need to make a lot of the decisions yourself. Here are some of the main considerations that will ensure a truly memorable celebration:

Pick an Amazing Venue

Party venues have a big impact on how the party actually goes, from playing a role in the “flow” of your guests to getting their attention. Make sure to take into consideration how many guests you are having and what their demographics are (will you be entertaining many children or elderly folk? Does everyone work in the same industry or not?). Of course, the venue should also be appropriate to the type of event you are having. For instance, 35% of Hudson Valley weddings were outdoor affairs, as is common with weddings in particular. Consider places like golf courses, country clubs, libraries, and notable office buildings as possible locations.

Theme It

One great way to get your guests into the party mood is by picking a fun theme and encouraging costumes. Themes open up worlds of possibilities and creativity for both you, the party host, and your guests. Use this as an opportunity to provide amazing party favors and creative appetizers and drinks. An added bonus is that your party and its documentation will be instantly recognizable.

Help People Document It

In this age of social media, you know that pictures and video of your event will be going up pretty much immediately after, if not during, the party itself. Set yourself up for success by providing photo booths, backdrops, and props for your guests. You can even invent a specific hashtag to help people find pictures of your party easily!

Thinking about how to book a party? Set yourself up for success by picking a great party venue and theme, and the night will be unforgettable!