Improve Your Golf Game by Joining a Golf Club

annual golf passes

As you watch golfers play on TV, do you envision improving your golf game one day? With annual golf passes, your dream can come true. Take on a constructive hobby and improve your golf game by joining a local golf club. Here are some reasons why doing so can help improve your golf game.

Facility Access

Have you been attempting your golf swing in your backyard? Needless to say, that’s not the best space to do so. What better way to practice your golf swing than at a professional facility with over 100 acres? Take advantage of your annual golf passes and practice until you perfect it.

Other Golfers

When you join a golf club, you won’t just be playing by yourself. There are other golfers in attendance you can form a camaraderie with as you practice your game. When playing with more experienced golfers, you can learn a thing or two from them. You may start by observing their techniques and eventually play as an equal with them. Who knows, you may make friends there who can become your de facto coaches.

Professional Access

When you invest in annual golf passes, you may also have access to professional golfers. Depending on your location, there may be a few pros who also practice at your local golf club. You can observe them from afar or rub elbows with them as you go for a hole-in-one. According to Golf Span, there are approximately 80 million golfers worldwide, but only 200 of them qualify for the PGA tour. Studying under the experts may help you join this number!


Golf tournaments aren’t just for famous people on TV. Your golf club may also host regular tournaments where you can show your stuff and go for prizes. As you gain more experience, you can earn higher places in such tournaments and walk away with trophies and prize money for your efforts.

If you’re wondering what to give yourself this Christmas, why not invest in annual golf passes? After all, membership at your local golf course can be a gift that will keep on giving, especially if you’re serious about improving your golf game. So start making friends, improving your golf rating, and rubbing elbows with golf professionals. Our course at Deerfield can host small and large events and has over 140 acres for you to explore. Contact us so you can improve your swing today.