The Elegance Of An Outdoor Wedding Venue


Having your wedding ceremony outdoors is sure to be a memorable experience. The gentle breeze and the natural surroundings are serene and provide couples with an experience they will never forget. Some of the most popular outdoor wedding venues are on a golf course, as they are well-maintained and rolling hills often decorate the landscape.

Outdoor ceremonies are oftentimes preferred on many occasions, as it is estimated that 35% of weddings are held at outdoor venues such as golf courses. This trend has been growing exponentially in recent years, especially with millennials, who want a different setting than a church or a hotel.

Why You Should Have An Outdoor Wedding

There are many reasons why couples would choose to have an outdoor wedding, however, some of the most prominent include the added space, scenery, and photographs afterward. All these important aspects make having an outdoor wedding both increasingly attractive and extremely sought after.

Outdoor Wedding Allow For More Space

An outdoor wedding allows you to invite as many people as you want. This is great for large families, as indoor weddings may seem cramped and unfit for many. Furthermore, having your wedding on a golf course allows people to really spread out, ensuring people are not cramped. For these reasons, outdoor weddings are oftentimes anticipated more for guests, as they have the opportunity to be out in open air, which is much more comfortable for many guests.

Rolling Landscape and Distinct Backgrounds

For many couples, the decoration and look of their wedding venue is critical. Therefore, a wedding held at an outdoor venue allows couples to have a distinct and natural background. Furthermore, the outdoor venue can be decorated with tall plants and flowers which would not be feasible in an indoor setting.

Photographers Prefer Outdoor Weddings

Photographers prefer outdoor weddings because they have the ability to catch photos in the natural sunlight, and have beautiful, natural backgrounds. Furthermore, most couples prefer outdoor photos as it gives them an opportunity to take pictures in front of the freshly landscaped backdrop or even under a flowering tree, the possibilities are endless.

Additional Food Selection

Oftentimes, when booking an indoor wedding, the couple has a limited selection of food to choose from, which can be difficult if someone in your party is on a special diet or the selection of food does not appeal to them.

However, having your wedding at an outdoor venue allows you to make your own menu, serving only the foods that you and your party wants, with either your own chefs or catering company supplying the food. This is essential to anyone who enjoys having a unique and customizable wedding, tailored to their needs.

Everyone knows that choosing a venue for your special day is no easy task. You want your wedding venue to be beautiful, magical, and elegant, and yearn for it to be a day you will never forget. An outdoor venue is one of the best places for wedding receptions, as well as the ceremony as a whole. Outdoors or on a golf course are one of the best places to have a wedding, and should be considered when making this important choice.