When is The Best Time to Book a Tee Time?

public course

Are there better times to book a tee time than others? Finding a beautiful public course to book your tee time is like striking gold, but you want to be sure that you are picking the best times to schedule your round. According to Leader Publications, 10 am and one pm are the busiest times on most courses. Of course, it’s not just the hours you should take into consideration. Here is what you should think about to ensure you book your tee time on a public course at the best time.

Seasonal Tee Times

For many golfers, golf is only an option when there isn’t any snow and ice on the ground. A good public course is typically open three seasons out of the year, even in colder climates where snow and ice are always a threat. Most courses will open at sunrise in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Booking tee times in the early morning can ensure you beat the rush. Of course, early tee times also help you beat the heat in the summer months.

Weekday Tee Times

It’s unsurprising that the busiest days of the week at any public course will be Saturday and Sunday. If you can book your tee time during the week, it’ll be easier to get a good time. An early morning tee time on a Tuesday will be much easier to secure than an early morning tee time on a Saturday. A late-day tee time during the week can also be a good time to book. Check with the golf marshal at our local public course to find out which weekdays are the busiest.

Stick To Your Tee Time

Tee times can be competitive, so most golf courses have a rule for how long your slot will be open before the next players can take your spot. In some cases, you have five minutes to start your round. Losing a coveted spot because you cannot start on time can be very disappointing. Show up for your tee time at least 20 minutes in advance to ensure you are ready to get started on time.

If you’re looking for a beautiful course with countless amenities, you’re in luck. The easiest way to find the best tee time is to contact us to learn more about available tee times and what else we have to offer. Give Deerfield a call today!