Your Guide to a Perfect Parent-Child Golf Day

The parent-child bond is one of the most important bonds that a child develops. Sharing hobbies, like golfing, is a great place for parents to start! Research shows that outdoor activities, such as sports, can create a camaraderie unlike any other shared hobby. It’s similar to how teams build up morale by playing, learning, and achieving together, except on a deeper familial level. Don’t overthink it! Here are five ideas that you can implement and create the perfect outing for your new favorite bonding activity.

1. Set a Date

As with any hobby, having a set day every week will hold you and your child accountable. If you plan to golf on Sunday mornings, you’ll both need to be fast asleep on Saturday night. If the golf course you’re heading to has a seasonal or annual pass, weekly bonding trips ensure you’re getting the full value from it. Some courses offer discounts to those under 18, so make sure to inquire about that as well!

2. Learn Together

If your child has never golfed before, it’s a smart idea to teach them yourself. Impart whatever wisdom you can; teach them what clubs to use, how to swing, and try to score that hole-in-one together! If you’re no ace on the course, you can also hire an instructor. Some golf courses hire instructors on-site. By learning the basics together, it’ll be an experience neither of you will ever forget.

3. Gear Up

Now that you’ve invested time and energy into learning this new hobby, it’s important to gear up! Take your child out shopping for a golfing polo, new sneakers, or a fashionable club bag. You should also get them set up with new golf balls! According to our industry knowledge, a regulation golf ball will have 336 dimples. Part of the fun of golfing is the golf cart, too! Kids just can’t get enough of riding in it. Make that part of the experience as well!

4. Eat and Relax Afterwards

Once you’ve spent time sweating, golfing, and hopefully scoring, treat your kiddo to a fantastic meal. Making reservations beforehand would be the best way to secure a relaxed dining experience, for both you and your child. If you’re both feeling adventurous, make a pact to try something new off the menu every week! If not, stick to your favorites and reward yourselves for working hard and improving. Golf can be tough at first, but it can still be a lot of fun.

From our family to yours, we hope you take these tips in stride! If you’re looking to set up a golfing day with your child, we can make ensure a perfect outing. Reach out to Deerfield Golf Club for more information today!