Pollinator Garden Being Established At Deerfield

In an exciting joint effort between Deerfield and the University of Delaware’s Department of Plants and Soil Sciences, a pollinator garden is being established on #11 at Deerfield. This project will promote support and maintain pollination by birds, bats, butterflies, moths and bees by supplying food in the form of pollen and nectar that will ensure that these important animals stay in the area to keep pollinating our crops for continued fruit and vegetable production. UD’s Professor Erik Ervin, Chair of the Department, and his Graduate Assistant worked with Deerfield Superintendent John Jacob and his crew to establish the soil and seed base required earlier this month. This work will benefit the wildlife at Deerfield as well as improving the overall ecosystem of White Clay Creek State Park. Look for this area on the right hand side of #11 the next time you play Deerfield.